Testfully use-cases

Testfully is a generic tool that can be used as an API client, for API testing or API monitoring.

API Client

With native support for both Restful and GraphQL APIs, Testfully is a great choice for an API client. It comes with a desktop app, web app, and even a CLI tool. You can use Testfully to:

  • Send simple or complex HTTP requests to both local and deployed APIs
  • Share requests with your colleagues
  • Collaborate with your team members

API Testing

With built-in features for multi-step scenarios (request chaining) and no-code response validation, Testfully is a great tool to implement your functional and non-functional tests.

API Monitoring

From simple health checks and pings to sophisticated functional and non-functional scenarios, Testfully is capable of executing your requests in the background and notifying you as soon as something goes wrong. Testfully delivers alerts via Email, SMS, Slack, and Pager Duty.