Core concepts


"Request" is one of Testfully's core concepts. A Request is a group of user-defined instructions for Testfully to send one HTTP request.

The user-defined instructions include HTTP Method, Url, Headers, and Payload. Testfully takes it further and allows users to provide instructions for validation of Response Code, Time, Headers, and Body as well.

Request Chaining

Request Chaining is one of Testfully's unique features. It enables our users to chain multiple requests together and send them serially. Combined with request validation, Request Chaining enables our customers to implement sophisticated functional and non-functional tests for their API that can be used for API testing & API monitoring. Learn more

You should know!

When chaining multiple requests (also called step), you can extract values from the request & response of one step and include them in other steps.


You can create requests via the API client UI, and use them to test your API endpoints manually. Moreover, the same requests can be used for API testing (including request chaining), and API monitoring.

Core concepts