Core concepts


Testfully Actions automate repetitive and manual tasks for you. It includes but is not limited to Setting Environment Variables, Configuring Authorization schemes. To use Actions, you do not need to know any programming language.

Available Actions

The table below demonstrates a list of existing and upcoming actions.

Set Global Value Extract a value (usually a token) from response and set as a global value
Set Environment Variable Extract a value (usually a token) from response and set as an environment variable
Send a Request Send a request before sending the main request
In Development
Sign a Request Sign a request using private key
Coming Soon

Set Global Value / Environment Variable

Use the Set Environment Variable action to extract a value from a request or response, and set it as a value of an existing global value or environment variable.

  1. Open a request, and click on the Actions tab.
  2. Click on the + button and select Set Environment Variable action.
  3. Select one of the existing globals or environment variables from the Environment Variable to set list.
  4. Use the Extract value from section to set where the value should come from.
  5. Use Path field to set the path to the value. You can use . for nested objects and arrays.
  6. Save your request and click on Send to test the Action.

Action Request

Do you have a missing Action in mind? Please don't hesitate to reach out to us via We would like to hear how we could improve Testfully Actions.